McCormick Property Development is making huge strides in its commitment to a better environment for all. As a company renowned for its love for nature and our planet, we are proud to announce that, amongst other initiatives, we will be eliminating the use and sale of plastic straws in our developments going forward.

With specific reference to the upcoming Mall of Tembisa, we will be prohibiting the use of plastic straws across the entire Mall including grocery and fast food outlets. We will also be encouraging the use of paper bags and cutlery made from recyclable material.

The Mall of Tembisa will be located adjacent to one of the main tributaries of the Hennops River, which has been declared the most polluted river in South Africa. Unfortunately, most of the pollution is coming from Ekurhuleni and partly from the very tributary that forms part of the Mall’s “green belt” area on its eastern edge.
To counter this, we will be developing artificial wetlands along our stream to act as silt and pollution traps – to try and reduce the amount of plastic debris that has become synonymous with the desperate state of the Hennops River itself.

These small steps will go hand in hand with our other initiatives including the use of solar power, rain water harvesting and grey water usage for irrigation of our indigenous landscaping to ensure we are doing all we can to be #agentsforchange in the ongoing fight to uplift and preserve the environment.